FlashSpread For

Financial Institutions

FlashSpread has found the balance between human interaction and computer automation and has applied it to the Small Business Lending space. Automating the analysis process enables Lenders to make accurate credit decisions, quickly. FlashSpread saves time, reduces errors and makes Lender’s lives easier while keeping their Borrowers happy.

What is FlashSpread being used for?

Financial Institutions are using FlashSpread to qualify, underwrite and service SBA , CRE, C&I, Small Business, consumer mortgage and auto loans. There is only one question that remains - What will you FlashSpread for?

What’s it like to use FlashSpread ? How does it work?

FlashSpread users can upload, or drag and drop, one or more scanned tax returns into the application. The FlashSpread engine will then process the file(s) and extract the relevant data without a single keystroke. In addition to pulling the information required for financial analysis, FlashSpread uses the fluidity of the tax return and proprietary algorithms to catch any errors or omissions due to poor image quality, watermarks or incorrectly prepared tax returns (yes we catch CPA errors too).

Who else is using FlashSpread?

We are currently being used by banks of all sizes, CDC’s, CDFI’s, CPA’s, Lawyers and Valuation Companies.