White Label Solution For

FinTech Companies

When it comes to tax returns we are the best data extractor and aggregator in the business. Since no one else offers a stand-alone and cost effective tax-return reader, we complement, not compete, with all other FinTech solutions.

Are you a competitor?

No, we LOVE working with other FinTech companies. If your platform is fantastic but does not have a tax return reader built-in, not to worry, we have a white-labeled solution that is easily integrated into your application. Now, in a matter of days, you can offer the full range of FlashSpread’s technology directly from YOUR application.

Easy integration? I don’t believe you!

We understand that integrations can be, and usually are, painful. However, since integrations are part of our core business, the widget is specifically designed to render everything server-side making the integration effort minimal for our partners. You just need to embed a bit of javascript and...

...integration complete.