Now that FlashSpread has automated the spreading process, we wondered…what else can we do with the financial data?

FlashSpread has made spreading financials faster and more cost-effective.  Useful financial data for your deals is now just a few clicks away, so we decided to dive a little deeper and discover additional ways bankers, lenders and servicers could use FlashSpread as a tool to better serve their clientele.

Here are just a few of the additional uses and benefits we discovered for the financial reports generated by FlashSpread’s automated spreading process: 

  1. Small Business Tennant Credit Check For Commercial Landlords
  2. Credit risk assessment for long-term subscriptions and retainer agreements
  3. Quicker business acquisition analysis for business brokers and buyers
  4. Credit risk assessment for B2B transactions (e.g. Fleet leasing)
  5. Faster ABL lending for accounts receivables and inventory purchases.
  6. Help facilitate informal business lending

We’d love to hear what you think about the other potential uses for the financial data generated by FlashSpread. Contact us today!